Associations of Government

San Gabriel Valley Civic Alliance 

As Executive Director of SGVCA, we 

bring together business and government leaders that are all seeking to forge stronger connections with one another.  We connect our clients with the Elected Officials from 31 Cities throughout the San Gabriel Valley to develop mutually beneficial solutions and collaboration.

Edward J. Rendon - Executive Director

California Contract Cities Association

As the Official Public Relations Firm and Fundraiser for the CCCA, we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with collaborative opportunities and networking with key Elected Officials from over 75+ Member Cities, allowing unprecedented access with the decision makers that matter the most.

Official Public Relations Firm

Independent Cities Association

45 Cities

Our 30 year history of working closely 

with ICA in several capacities, including Executive Director, Fundraising and 

Public Relations, provides our Clients 

the advantage of getting in front of 

the Elected Officials in over 45 major 

cities throughout Los Angeles County.

Previous Executive Director & PR Firm

Southern California Coalition


Executive Director - Adam J. Spiker

Southern California Coalition is the largest, most inclusive Cannabis Industry organization in Southern California.  As Executive Director, Spiker Consulting Group represents the common interest of our member organization to collaborate, promote and successfully implement sensible marijuana policies and regulations.  We provide SCC's diverse group of Cannabis Industry Professionals a crucial seat at the table with Key Elected Officials and decision makers throughout Southern California.

Spiker Consulting Group, along with SCC Founders and its members are the leading voice in Los Angeles that led the push for the successful passage of Proposition M.  We are a focused, united and powerful coalition that is aggressively driving meaningful and positive industry changes at both the local and state levels to ensure comprehensive marijuana policies are implemented.

Spiker Consulting Group represents Cannabis Industry professionals that include stakeholders from every aspect of the industry including cultivators, manufacturers, dispensary owners, laboratory testing service providers, distributors, delivery services and patient advocacy groups. We assist our Clients in securing legal cannabis licenses throughout Southern California as well as at the State level.

Water Districts

We bring together hundreds of Elected Officials from over 120+ cities throughout California, including the Metropolitan Water Districts, the Department of Water & Power, and major water districts throughout Los Angeles County with water industry innovators to accelerate their communication and education on the many challenges facing the water industry.  Together we foster collaboration that offers tangible solutions to the pressing issues of water scarcity and provides our clients with the opportunity to network with the top decision makers throughout Southern California.

Economic Development


School Districts

We specialize in Economic Development opportunities for our clients within Municipalities, School Districts and major Airports throughout California in the following Industries:

Advertising - Transportation - Parking Engineering - Construction - Technology